HoM Youngster Program

**We’re still looking for more helpers for our Summer Program** As of today, we have people signed up to teach through July 11, but all weeks still need people willing to help out the teachers.

The kids (and teachers!) also benefit from having a snack during their activity, so please consider signing up for the snack rotation as well.

Contact Rebecca at rebecca@houseofmercy.org

June 27     Make Music (helpers & snack needed)
July 4        Make Art (helpers & snack needed)
July 11      Read & Write (helpers needed)
July 18      Play Something (teachers, helpers & snack needed)
July 25      Make Music (teachers, helpers & snack needed)
Aug 1        In Church
Aug 8        Make Art (teachers, helpers & snack needed)
Aug 15      Read & Write (teachers, helpers & snack needed)
Aug 22      Play Something (teachers, helpers & snack needed)
Aug 29      Service Project (teachers, helpers & snack needed)
Sept 5       Youngster Sunday

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