Feast of Epiphany

Out of the Darkness….Feast of Epiphany, House of Mercy, 1/9/11 5pm.

The date celebrated as  Epiphany in Christendom and linked with the visit of the Magi, was originally an Egyptian date for the Winter Solstice.

The God man/Savior Osiris died and was entombed on the Solstice.  During the Isis festival at midnight the priests came forth from the inner shrine crying, “the virgin has brought forth!  The light is waxing.”  They then held out an image of the reborn baby, Osiris, to the worshipers.

Religious traditions are built on top of each other, perhaps similarity does not threaten truth, but thickens it.

Come to the Feast.  Celebrate the return of the light. Food, the liturgical arts and music from the Blood Washed Band.

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