Elder Youngster (Youth) Program Mission

The mission of the House of Mercy Youth Program is to point students to the grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ by the following means:

  • Learning the story of Jesus and the story of God’s dealings with the Hebrew people
  • Exploring & experiencing the classic elements of Christian worship
  • Celebrating God’s gifts of creativity by making songs, images and stories
  • Fostering an ethic of care and a sense of responsibility for each other and for all of creation

Motivation: Free Faith Instead of Religious Manipulation

At its best, the Church in its history has been moved by the Holy Spirit to proclaim Jesus Christ as the Good News of God’s radical love and engagement with the world. But at its worst, the Church has used tactics such as manipulation, fear and shame. Since youth are especially vulnerable to such tactics, we believe that we must pay great attention to what motivates our attempts to teach our students about Jesus Christ. While our community is far less than perfect, our aim is to create a climate of trust and to foster receptivity to the love of God as revealed in Christ and experienced in worship. That is, we aim to have no other agenda than simply pointing to the free, radical and life-changing grace of God that is given to us in Jesus Christ.

All children and youth participate in the beginning of the church service and leave for class via the Youngster Parade. All ages are also welcome to stay during the service.

Students in 6th grade, middle school and high school meet in the Hamline Church youth room some weeks for class, stay in service other weeks, and occasionally are Out and About together. See the program for schedule.

Please register youngsters, infants through high school. Even if your student will not be attending class on a regular basis, we’ll make sure you stay in the loop about events or information. Use the link below to access this google doc form:

Family Registration Form

Catechism classes for 7th and 8th graders and baptism for any age will be offered this year. Contact Anne-Britt if your student wishes to participate.

For information contact Anne-Britt Mulberry