The Rai Family

The Rai family has arrived. House of Mercy has partnered with the Minnesota Council of Church Refuge Resettlement Program to help the Rai family make the transition from the the refugee camp they have been living in for the past fifteen years to their new home in Minnesota.  Many volunteers helped in many ways to furnish their apartment, got it all set up and last week some of us House of Mercy-ers went to meet them at the airport.  The HoM Youngsters made a great “welcome” sign for them which was held up high in anticipation of their arrival.

A Long Flight: When they arrived it was clear that they were tired and overwhelmed.  So instead of jumping up and down and hugging we all shyly shuffled to the carosal, smiled and nodded to each other.  With the help of an MCC representative we drove them to their new apartment and let them get some sleep.  Many volunteers have since been driving them to appointments and helping them get settled (so to speak).

Get Involved if You Can: If you are interested in getting involved in any way, please  contact info@houseofmercy.  Thanks to everyone at the Mercy for making this possible

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