The Rai Family is Coming 1/11/11

*Bhutanese Update: The Rai Family is coming 1/11/11. Their apartment is in St Paul on Larpenteur Avenue. Two “teams” of volunteers are needed for Apartment Set Up Day, most likely the weekend of Jan 7th-9th.

*Team 1: Movers A team is needed to help move in boxes and furniture from the church office, Russell’s garage, and directly from some donors’ homes. Ideally this is a group of strong people with vans/trucks who could make a few runs out and back.

*Team 2: Arrangers Another team of about 8 people with strong attention to detail who have experience managing an apartment/home to each coordinate a specific room in the apartment (like a 2-person team in a bedroom, 2-4 in the kitchen, etc.) These people will decide if the donated items are appropriate/clean for that room, put away or arrange the stuff, and decide what’s missing anything.

*Older kids are encouraged to help!  It would be great if you brought your older kid (age 12+) to help you set up/coordinate a room.

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