The Feast of Jonah

The Feast of Jonah is celebrated the Sunday following the Autumnal Equinox, when the hours of darkness begin to surpass the hours of light in a day.  Long before Christianity established this feast, the Equinox was marked by rituals in most every culture.  It can be seen as a time when we make the first steps toward death, on many levels.  It is a time of turning inward, of going down into ourselves, our dens, the earth.  It is a period of contemplation.

Please join us on Sunday, September 26th to celebrate the Feast of Jonah. The Feast will be at Kris and Chris’ house following the service.

*Food Offerings at the Feast of Jonah: Everyone welcome, not a potluck or food-for-money scheme.  Food offerings; For those who are interested in sharing your own harvest or shedding something extra, you can bring a food offering from your garden, farmer’s market, or pantry (we are looking for ingredients, such as produce, not prepared dishes). The food will be collected at the beginning of the service and spontaneously turned into a dish or two for the feast by our creative chefs. Don’t worry, you won’t be forced to eat only zucchini, we’ve planned plenty of other dishes, too.

In addition, our Feast of Jonah celebration period will also include:  HoM 101; A House of Mercy Primer–come learn the history, meet the people, find out how to get involved. Sunday Oct 10, 2010, after church.

Bible Studies; Flash Fiction Bible Study of the Book of Jonah.  Tuesdays 7pm, beginning October 12th for four weeks at Jeremy and Erin’s 3532 43rd Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406 (612) 729-4155 You don’t have to be a writer or a deep Bible studier, you just have to mildly interested in studying the Bible from a narrative point of view, and exploring the way biblical stories become intertwined with our own.  Contact if you’re in–or want more info.  Or you can sign up at the merch table.

We are also encouraging you to read the Jonah story and, if are so inspired, submit artwork for the covers of our Sunday programs.  You can submit a cover design to Sarah at  Get your creative juices flowing.

*Volunteer at the Feast of Jonah

A small group of volunteers is needed to help prepare food, set tables, clean up, etc. on 9/26. Learn more and sign up at the merch table after church, or contact Erin at or 651-270-1382.

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