Mercy Minute

House of Mercy is in the first year of a three year process to develop a curriculum for ages K-12 based on critical Biblical literacy.

Many kinds of human and financial resources are needed to make this happen. Please consider supporting House of Mercy financially to keep the valuable work of the church going.

“My name is Grace and I started coming to House of Mercy almost five years ago. When I first started going here, I liked a lot of things. But most of all, I liked the elder youngster program. It was a lot different from the children’s program at my old church. Here we go more in depth about what the bible means. I liked taking confirmation class with Reverend Russell, and being in the House of Mercy youngster program has given me a lot of opportunities.  A few years ago, I started helping in the nursery and just this year I started teaching the 2nd and 3rd grade class once a month. There are so many things that I have gotten to do because of House of Mercy, from helping with the Rai family to sleeping in a box to raise money for homeless kids. It is important to give money to House of Mercy so that this great youngster program can continue.”

Support House of Mercy Youngster Program with a one time or scheduled donation.

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