House of Mercy Dismembership Drive

*House of Mercy’s Dismembership Drive is underway.  That’s right Dismembers It is time to renew your pledge.  If you are not a Dismember and would like to know more about it contact Debbie or Russell,,

*Cooperative Dismembership: Like a Coop—when we don’t like the way the machine runs the world – such as agribusiness, housing developments, banks – people have always banded together to re imagine these structures in a way that benefits the community over the institutions of power.

*What does it mean to be a Cooperative Dismember? We come together to ask questions, live out our faith, explore what it means to be part of a community that gathers around the radical story of Jesus Christ. We make stuff together. We create something together. House of Mercy would not exist without the cooperative endeavors of the community.

While we don’t live out our lives in this way all the time, or even much of the time, it IS our desire.

Fill out the information on the attached sheet and put it into the Dismembership box.

Become a House of Mercy Dismember Today!



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