Feast of the Revolution

the nonviolent subversion of the empire of death

Revolution is in the air from the Mediterranean to Madison. While Easter is celebrated as a Spring Rite, a time of family and chocolate; for Christians, it is at its heart, the commemoration of Jesus’ revolutionary subversion of the powers of death. The empire of consumer culture compels people to purchasing as participation.

So, put the Peeps down, that way leads to death. Forged in the heart of the Roman Empire, the Christian faith has always pointed to an alternative to the all-consuming culture that promises security, happiness and peace at a price. “It might sound overly dramatic to talk about Easter this way,” says Rev. Russell Rathbun, pastor at House of Mercy church, “but we are trying to talk about Easter in a way that might help us recover its meaning, while not taking ourselves too seriously.”

Writers, musicians and liturgical artists will perform new and classic works in this Easter service. Special guest, Holly Newsom of  Zoo Animal (a City Pages Picked 2 Click artist) also the Blood Washed Band. Food and beverages following the service.

Easter Sunday, April 24th 5pm

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