Musical guest: Natalie Lovejoy

Date: August 27, 2017
Time: 5:00 pm  to  6:00 pm

A passionate songwriter with a softly vibrant, almost jazz crooner voice, Natalie Lovejoy, continues to weave her melodious story as an atmospheric folk pop singer based in the Twin Cities. Lovejoy holds the attention of anyone who appreciates authenticity and beautiful music. The grist of her life experiences can be heard in the deep grooves and dreamy melodies of her latest album, “Hiding in the Light,” a work driven by Lovejoy’s huge heart, luxurious voice, and a batch of tunes that suggest Sarah McLachlan holing up on a cold winter night with a string section. And while¬† Lovejoy’s first two albums, “Wish I could Fall” and “One False Move” are good introductions to her intimate style, the new Andy Thompson-produced collection of songs is her most full-bodied work to date. Her expressive music speaks of love, loss and longing. A gifted songwriter and a versatile pianist with no formal training, Lovejoy will win you over with her honest and vulnerable approach to music.unnamed

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