Musical guest: Adam Levy

Date: July 16, 2017
Time: 5:00 pm  to  6:00 pm
Adam Levy is a singer-songwriter, social activist, educator, and parent.

He has been called a great American songwriter and an unknown treasure by journalists and fans around the world. He’s probably best known as the leader and founding member of the Minnesota-based rock band, The Honeydogs. He has also explored children’s music, orchestral pop, experimental electronic sounds, and American roots music in the 1/2 dozen or so bands and projects he leads.

In 2012, Levy lost his son Daniel to suicide. The tragedy altered every inch of his and his family’s lives. It left Levy creatively incapacitated. Gradually, Levy started writing songs again. What came out were songs that expressed the longing and self-examination he’d been experiencing in the wake of his son’s death. The songs don’t wallow in the agony. Rather they dignify Daniel’s suffering and his genius as a visual artist. The results are contained in the record Naubinway.

Grammy winner Joe Henry calls the record “love in action — a courageous and generous offering, where ghosts abound, facing the quiet inevitable that forever walks with us. It’s a record with soul and deep compassion. It is a beautiful and remarkable piece of work.”
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