Easter, Feast of the Revolution

Date: April 16, 2017
Time: 5:00 pm  to  7:30 pm
Feast of the Revolution
Easter Sunday
April 16th

Special music by Lady Xok and readings by Adeline Wright and The Rev Russell.

Join us for the proclamation of the resurrection, the call to revolution, food, music, readings and the liturgical arts.

There is feasting downstairs after the service and all are welcome. Please join us even if you don’t bring food to share – the Feast is a gift.

For those who do bring food to share: It’s super fun to eat jello salad in a church basement, but it’s also fun to eat casseroles and things in crockpots. Sign up here for the potluck, enter coordinator last name (swedberg) and password (easter). We also need with clean-up afterward. You can sign up for all of this and more on the Feast website.

Click Here for the Feast Website
Adeline Wright is an outsider artist and entrepreneur living with her family on the shores of Lake Superior. Coming from an interdisciplinary perspective has offered Adeline a unique vantage point wherein she sees all of her art, business, and advocacy, as part of an overall body of creative work, with each element intrinsically connected to and supporting the other.

Special Music by Lady XOK

Lady Xok music lives somewhere between Future-Folk and Indie-Rock mixing Indigenous instruments, rock kits, digital sounds, and experimental performance. Front woman, Rebekah Crisanta de Ybarra, inspired by the original Mayan queen, Lady Xok bleeding from the tongue, pulls from blues songwriting roots in Latin American Nueva Cancion.

Recording artists, Los Nativos have performed with Minneapolis-based Rhymesayers Entertainment record label 20 years deep. Albums include Dia de Los Muertos, Black Flag Red Star, White Papers, and recently released The Eagle & The Jaguar. They have been making [R]evolutionary Hip-Hop music for the people since 1996.
Los Nativos

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