Dismembership Drive 2012

It’s called dismembership – because we believe the community gathered around the gospel is always dismantling devotion to culturally constructed practices of power. We seek cooperative dismembership because we strive to be disciples of another way.

What does it mean to be a cooperating dismember? We come together to ask questions, live out our fait, explore what it means to be party of a community that gathers around the radical story of Jesus Christ. We make stuff together. We create something together. House of Mercy would not exist without the cooperative endeavors of the community. While we don’t live out our lives in this way all the time, or even much of the time, it IS our desire.

If you are a Dismember and give regularly, it’s time to renew your pledge. We know circumstances change, please consider whether you can increase your pledge or you need to decrease it.

House of Mercy needs $16,000 a month from our congregation to meet operating costs including paying the staff and renting this space. If you are a regular attendee, please consider pledging for 2012

To pledge, please print this page and bring it to House of Mercy: