Community Practice Groups

Look for new CPGs forming in early 2011.

House of Mercy Community Practice Group
I’ve been going to House of Mercy for over a year now. You should come some time, it’s not that bad.

This fall I have been participating in a community practice group. My friends Steve and Katie lead it and it’s brilliantly simple. We have a meal together and we’re doing a skill share. So we each take a week to share something we do well…like a craft or we make something or something like that. I made a New Orleans classic — Jambalaya — and brought Abita Beer (Louisiana local) and just shared that part of my life with them.

This past week we started beer. This week we continued on that, Steve was making yogurt and Mariel taught us how to make candles. We made blue advent, hand-dipped candles. How cool.

More photos from the fall community practice groups.

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