Bhutanese Refugees

We’re looking for donations and volunteers to help settle a Bhutanese refugee family.  We are looking for household items, volunteers to provide transportation and volunteers to make weekend visits to the family. They will also need help enrolling their daughter in school.

Their last name is Rai and they are

Dhan, father, 46

Nang, mother, 40

Ramesh, son, 22

Dinesh, son, 19

Sunita, daughter, 13

Here is a list of things we need to collect. You can email with your donations.  It would be a great time to replace those towels you received for your wedding 7 years ago, or replace the toaster that doesn’t work with your kitchen color scheme!

Kitchen items

silverware and dish settings

stove top pots/pans

baking pots/pans

mixing/serving bowls

can opener

cooking utensils: sharp knives, mixing spoons, spatula

measuring spoons

Linen/Household supplies

Towels (as least one per person)

sheets (for all beds)


pillows (at least one per person)

alarm clock

paper, pens, pencils

light bulbs

Cleaning supplies

dish soap

sponges/ dish rags

laundry detergent

waste baskets (2)


trash bags


toilet paper



tooth brushes/toothpaste


Storage area for clothing (dressers)

One kitchen chair per person

kitchen table

living room furniture: couch and enough seating for entire family

Bed appropriate for family composition (including mattresses and frames)

Clothing (seasonally appropriate)

Emergency 911 cell phone

Telephone (for landline)

back pack for school aged children

shower curtain

clothing hangers

laundry basket

toys/games for kids

area rugs

tea kettles

tv/dvd player

radio/cd player

rice cooker

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