About House of Mercy

Founded in the spring of 1996, House of Mercy offers a discriminating blend of high church and low, of tradition and innovation, sincere worship and healthy skepticism.

House of Mercy at Hamline Church United Methodist

Although the roots of the House of Mercy are in the free church tradition–we began as an American Baptist Church–we are committed to the diverse and rich theology and worship of the Christian church worldwide and historical. While we draw different elements of worship from many Christian ritual traditions–Lutheran (we are affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, and the free churches–at House of Mercy we seek to create a place where questions are encouraged, where you will not be handed a checklist of orthodoxy, where ambiguity is not the enemy of faith but its partner. You may occasionally be led to suspend your intellect. But you will not be required to sacrifice it.

The Vision

To build a church through the recovery of grace-based theology, the practice of liturgical eclecticism, and active service in the world.

The Pastoral Staff

Rev. Debbie Blue
Rev. Russell Rathbun
Bro. Quillan Roe

The Board

Annual Meeting Reports