144 Bathers

144 Bathers (9′ X 5′, oil on canvas)

This site’s banner and other images are from the painting by Jim Larson, House of Mercy’s Liturgical Artist-in-Residence.

Artist’s Statement:

144 Bathers

A triptych for Gaze&Desire: House of Mercy’s year of contemplation

Abraham and Isaac (upper left):  Fear/Trust

David and the bather (upper right):  Distortion of Desire/Acceptance of Desire

The cow’s cropped tail, the big round bale:  Scarcity/Generosity

“….the presence of the Almighty was frequently indicated by a [disembodied] hand…”

“A cherry, held in the hand of the Christ Child, suggests the delights of  the blessed.”

“The ox, a sacrificial animal….”

“Almost invariably, the ox and the ass appear together in paintings of the Nativity.”

“…considered to be the lowliest among all birds… even the sparrow came to earth only through the will of God, and received from Him its means of life.”

“The goldfinch… has become as accepted symbol of the passion of  Christ.”

From  Signs and Symbols in Christian Art, George Ferguson,  Oxford University Press, 1954.

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